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Mind - Psychotherapy


The most important element of fulfilment in life is awareness first of all who I am and then what I want. Often, although we think we know both of these, our environment confuses us, or even our own mind, and we stop seeing clearly. We become full of contradictions and life becomes quite difficult.

With the help of psychotherapy, we can sort through unnecessary but persistent ‘shoulds’, so that we can keep only the ones we choose, accepting some which can’t change, and most importantly, giving more room in our lives for the ‘wants’. That way we can take control of our lives with intention, so that we can enjoy it more and feel more fulfilled each day.

Counseling differs from therapy in that we go to seek advice for some specific problem, calling on the knowledge and experience of the counselor. Often, simply seeing the problem from another point of view, or listening to another’s insight, helps us to try other, more effective approaches.

Please contact Anetta Alexandridi at 693 256 5097 for an appointment or visit her personal page for more information on psychotherapy and counseling at

Therapy / Personal Development Groups

Our center hosts groups and seminars for personal development which are short and long term. Short term groups are designed to address specific issues and cover specific needs, while long term groups are usually less structured and are more generally geared toward self-awareness. Our seminars are always for specific topics and can last from 2 hours to 2 days.

In all groups and seminars we aspire to combine body and mind, thought and experience, and use this relationship to help us uncover new or hidden parts of ourselves.

For ongoing or future groups/seminars please click here or contact us for information.

Stress Management

Stress has become a part of our lives. Sometimes we manage it well, but sometimes it becomes overwhelming and we feel we are spinning out of control, unable to take back the reins. The point in managing stress isn’t only to ‘get rid of it’, which is sometimes simply not possible, but mostly to diffuse it and find our own ways to keep it in check. We must first clarify what our stressors are, how we stress, and from there, see what we can do to manage it, either by indeed ‘getting rid’ of some of it, or learning to relax, which is the only antidote.

We offer a specific program based on the methods of the British Stress Consultancy, which is made up of 8 sessions that can be extended.
In addition, we can combine the stress management program with breathing and somatic exercises base on yoga, creating a personalized approach to stress management.

Please contact us for more information or to make an appointment.