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Body - Yoga

Lesson Prices

Ashtanga Self-Practice

2 hours

These classes offer each student the opportunity to learn the Ashtanga Yoga series and follow the flow of their own rhythm, based on their own needs, always with the individual guidance of an experienced teacher. In this way the practice becomes a personal moving meditation combined with the benefits of a class setting.

Some of these classes can also be taught in English. Please contact us for more information.

Hatha Yoga

1,5 hours

This class is only available in Greek.

Please press here for more information.

Ashtanta Yoga Led Class (Beginners)

1,5 hours

In this students are led through the Ashtanga series up to Navasana, following the rhythm and guidance of the teacher.

The whole class becomes one body moving with the same breath.

It is great for beginners but also for more intermediate students, since all levels benefit from the steady group flow of this class.

Pre-natal / Post-natal Yoga

Approx. 1 hour

You can choose our pre-natal classes throughout your pregnancy. Classes are taught in 6-class groups, even up to the day of labor!
Alternatively, you can join our post-natal classes, again in 6-class groups. These are catered to mommies of infants up to 6 months old, and babies are welcome to join (until they start crawling).

The classes require a 3-student minimum and are set up based on availablitiy. Please contact us if you are interested and to book a spot.