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Synthesis means the combination of different elements into a unified, functional and harmonic whole. Our life is made up of many elements: mind, body, consciousness, the subconscious, relationships, our relationship with ourselves… The harmonic synthesis of all these elements is dependent on our synchronizing their coexistence within ourselves.

New Address!

We are located now at Voiotias 16 & Ipiroy, Kato Halandri

Schedule - September 2018

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New Hatha Yoga class!

Monday 11:30 - 13:00, Friday 18:00 - 19:15

Starting in October, our Shambhavi - Despina Koukidou, will be guiding students in Hatha ​Yoga, inspired by the Swami Satyananda (Bihar Yoga) method.
Each class begins with a short relaxation and then we practice asanas, physical postures that work our physical body, giving it more flexibility and strength. We then continue to basic pranayama breathing practices, through which we will become more familiar with and aware of our respiratory system. We finish off the class with a guided relaxation, yoga nidra, through which we will release physical, mental and emotional tension, leaving feeling light and refreshed.

Relaxed Mind, Mindful Action

October 2016 - June 2017

The benefits of meditation for our psychosomatic heath are widely known and accepted by the scientific community. Recent research affirms that meditation literally reprograms the brain and its synapses and even influences the cellular structure of the human body.

The essence of meditation is the observation and consolidation of the internal state of the "drashta", the impartial observer.
It is a process of expanding awareness, where the practitioner comes into safe contact with the mind. This gradual process allows for deeper complexities (such as insecurity, agony, doubt, fear, supressed desires) to surface and to be released from the subconscious, thus resolving internal and external conflicts.

More information here (only in Greek).

Psychotherapy - Stress

Individual psychotherapy helps us clarify issues in our lives which are confusing, or with difficult situations that we often find ourselves in.
The Stress Management Program is based on the methodology of the British Stress Consultancy and can is comprised of 8 sessions (which can be extended if necessary).

Seminars - Groups

Groups and seminars related to yoga, personal development and stress are organized throughout the year.

Ashtanga Yoga

One of the key elements of Ashtanga Yoga is the control of the breath and its link to movement.
The dynamic character of the practice aligns the body and balances the nervous system.
It is ideal for all ages and all levels of students. It is also uniquely beneficial for athletes or for managing chronic pain.


Viotis 16 & Ipirou
Kato Chalandri 15231
Metro Station Cholargos

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